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Payment headaches? We've got the cure. Fast, secure, user-friendly solution. Integrate seamlessly, accept instantly, transact worry-free.

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Deposit Points

Our nationwide network of deposit points allows for in-person transactions, while you can also choose to directly deposit funds to our secure bank account.

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Import&Export Currencies

Global leader in banknote supply, leveraging our international partnerships to import diverse currencies for domestic markets.


Global Debit Card​

Flexible is the game's name, and we’re here to win. You and your family can enjoy our global debit card; uploading your remit securely should only take a few seconds.

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Account Opening​

As Global represents several banks around the global, you can open foreign accounts with us in no time. ​

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Currency Exchange​

We exchange ₪1B annually, and this gives us tremendous leverage with an outstanding competitive rate; try us in one of our local networks! ​


Use one of our payout centers from your home to your loved ones.

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Employer Payments Gate

Paying salary fast and on time shouldn’t be a chore— with us, the payout method is simplified. Our dynamic system will assist your employee to focus on their job and enjoy their salary faster, easier, and with more money in their wallet.