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Jennifer S. Pinzon

Ms. Jennifer S. Pinzon happy loyal iremitter since 2014, she’s working now in Rehovot and continue sending her remittance only in Global Remit, she said that only @ Global Remit, she can sleep good with a smile

Marvin Gammad

Mr. Marvin Gammad from Tel Aviv, loyal Iremitter since 2016, he is sending only @ Global Remit for his family thru Bank to Bank and Pick up transfer. Marvin said that only Global Remit with their best service is trusted and reliable company remittance in Israel.

Carmela Vidaurreta

Ms. Carmela Vidaurreta from Raanana. Happy and contented iremitter for 15 years.

I am love. I feel secured! For 11 yrs GLobal remit give me the most efficient, affordable and reliable transfer! I will continue to be iremitter! Jackie mabazza❤️. Loyal client

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